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1. Some branches within the Army, Navy, and Marines had unique needs and
their enlistment criteria were generally more stringent than the parent
branch (Examples: Army Air Corp and Navy fliers).
2. The Army, Navy, and Marines had general enlistment and selective
service (draft) requirements that changed over time.  Some requirements
eased as the war progressed.
3. One should not assume that enlistees' (volunteer) requirements
matched those for drafted selectees (also referred to as inductees).
4. U.S. Army and U.S. Marine general enlistment criteria in April 1941
required the applicant be single and without dependants, and this
particular criteria was still in effect three days after Pearl Harbor.
5. U.S. Navy general enlistment criteria 3 days after Pearl harbor
allowed an enlistee to be married and have dependents "if they can
qualify for places in the Navy that will pay them enough to support
their families," citing "Texans Keep Recruiting Staffs Busy," _Dallas
Morning News_, 10 December 1941, section I, page 8, column 5. =20

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