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Valerie raises a good point. In fact, if you run a “keyword” search for “Yankee” in that WWI Draft Registration database, you’ll find about 90 other instances in which “Yankee” is listed as for “race” (including “Swedish Yankee” and “Irish Yankee”). The registration places were all over the U.S. map, except for the South (unless one calls Texas “South”).
Incidentally, my father was born in Illinois and his family moved to Arkansas soon after (late 1890s; I’m his late-life child :). His baby brother, named Lawrence for the Illinois county they came from, grew up with the nickname “Yank” there in Arkansas. It wasn’t a nickname the family gave him. J 
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A friend from the south says...

"Since it was not a census form in Arkansas filled out by someone else locally, but a WWl Draft registration form filled out in Wyoming, then he was describing himself as a yankee, making that distinction on purpose. The West was filled with ex-soldiers from both sides, and for several years after the War Between the States, it continued to be fought in little skirmishes and private battles out there. I am guessing this may have influenced this man to want it on the record, that, although he was from Arkansas, his sympathies were not Southern."

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I’ve come across a “race” listed as “Yankey,” however the individual was born in Arkansas.  It is listed on his WWI registration card in Lincoln, Wyoming.  I would not think of someone who was born in Arkansas as a “Yankey.”  Am I missing something or am I looking too hard?
Thank you for your time!!
Kevin L. Sholder
Dayton, OH
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