[APG Public List] Race listed as "Yankey"

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 26 22:35:32 MDT 2010


--- On Fri, 3/26/10, Sholder, Kevin L. <KS100004 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I’ve come across a “race” listed as “Yankey,” however the individual 
> was born in Arkansas. It is listed on his WWI registration card in 
> Lincoln, Wyoming. I would not think of someone who was born in Arkansas 
> as a “Yankey.” Am I missing something or am I looking too hard? 

     There would seem to be several possible explanations.
     First, the place of birth given could be incorrect, for whatever reason. It would hardly be the first time a record got something wrong. ;-)
     Second, where were his parents born? His grandparents? Several members of my own family claimed to be Yankee based more upon ancestry than birthplace. Some or all of his family might have come from New England.
     Third, he could have been descended from "carpetbaggers". If this was a small town, and the person recording the information knew everyone in the area, this family might still have been thought of as "Damnyankees". I don't _know_ how common this term was in Arkansas, but the state was on the losing side in the Civil War, and I _have_ seen the term used in the fiction of Georgia author Marie Conway Oemler, from about the same period, and in other Southern sources (literature and newspapers) up to at least roughly 1920. If this is the explanation, his family could have come from any Union state.
     Fourth - every now and then, some record will turn up a completely inexplicable bit of data. In the absence of any verifiable explanation, this might be the case here.
     If you ever discover the actual answer, I for one would be very curious to know what it is.
                             Ray Beere Johnson II


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