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A list of all Cook County cemeteries can be found at:

None of the cemetery names end in "mount", although cemetery names could have changed over the years.

The locations of most of the cemeteries are listed. The locations with five letters are Niles, Elgin, and Alsip. The locations with six letters are Dolton, Lemont, Steger, Skokie, Lemont, and Berwyn.

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Hi all, 

I received a horrible copy of a death certificate filed in 1930 and cannot read the burial information. The entire page is really dark and it's making very little contrast with the writing to make the letters legible. All I can get out of it is that the cemetery is in Cook Co, burial date is 24 July 1930 and the Undertaker's address was 415 W. 63rd (name is difficult to read, something like L.H. Lanyar).  The location of the cemetery is short, looks like perhaps five letters, while the cemetery name itself is longer, possibly ending in something like mount.  The last residence of the deceased was 429 W. 65th Place and she was not Catholic so that rules out Catholic cemeteries. Her mother had some connections to the Julia Gay Memorial Church in Chicago which I've read was Methodist. Not sure if the deceased was also a member here or not.  

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what cemeteries might have been in the area of either of these locations or ideas on where I could look for myself.  I've tried to locate cemeteries through a city directory on footnote.com but they only go up to 1923. I have a scan of the certificate if anyone wants to take a stab at it but I wasn't sure how or even whether it would be appropriate to attach it here.  Any thoughts would be great.

Thanks All!
Nikki LaRue


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