[APG Public List] Need Cook Co, IL Cemetery Help

Jill N.Crandell jncrandell at broadweave.net
Mon Mar 22 11:22:57 MDT 2010

Nikki wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what cemeteries might have
> been in the area of either of these locations or ideas on where I could
> look for myself.  

I frequently use the USGS web site to locate cemeteries. 
Go to www.usgs.gov and click on "Maps, Imagery, and Publications." (yellow bar in the upper left corner) 
Then select "Geographic Names (GNIS)" from the column on the right.
Click on "Search Domestic Names" and you will get a search form. You can limit the search to Cook County, Illinois and select Cemetery as the Feature Class. Any additional information you have would allow you to narrow it further. When you go to the link for any particular cemetery, you can also choose to see its location on a map so that you can determine if it is near your known locations.

Hope this helps,
Jill Crandell

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