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What I do in that case is take the year of the last known 'sighting' and 
state 'died after dateX'.  Not very satisfactory but at least that provides 
a starting point for future searches of death date information.

Given their advanced ages in 1870, you could add a note to the 'after 1830' 
death date, mentioning the fact that there are *known* entries for them 
after 1830, and that they don't appear in the 1840 census or following 
censuses (which suggests a range of years for date of death, without setting 
it in stone, no pun intended).


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  In Bladen County, NC, both James WEST and his wife were enumerated on the 
census of 1830 as being between 70 and 80 years of age.
  There are no known tax records for that period in Bladen County history. 
No further record of this James WEST has been found in Bladen County, NC. It 
is supposed he died sometime around 1830. Known cemetery records have been 
searched, to no avail.

  Extensive searches of census, tax and probate records in NC, SC, GA, TN 
and AL for that particular James WEST have been done, finding nothing 
pertaining to him.

  How do I write up this information when doing an article/autobiography on 
this James WEST? What do I use as his date of death?

  I have searched google quite unsuccessfuly in efforts to obtain answer to 
my question.


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