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> I and
> apparently quite a few others, would like to know the answer to the
> section/endnote question which I will post if I can figure it out.

In Word 2007 (which is what I run) go to the end of the "chapter" and go to
"Page Layout" along the top and then click on "Breaks." Choose one of the
options under "Section Breaks". Now you have a section before and one after
that point. 

When Endnoting in section one, go to "References" and look for the tiny
square in the lower right of the "Footnotes" box. Click on it for more
options, one of which is "Endnotes" with a drop-down menu which includes
"End of section" and "End of document."

I have done chapter end notes for a client's family history and it seemed to
work out okay. That segment of the family didn't have to flip to the entire
back of the book and have mixed notes from other parts of the family than
the one they were interested in.

Have fun!

-- Elissa 

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