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Claire Bettag claire at clairebettag.com
Mon Mar 8 07:10:20 MST 2010

Researchers now have two new ways to submit ideas, feedback, suggestions, etc. to the National Archives. I would encourage researchers interested in the National Archives to check out two participatory sites: 1) the Open Government Idea Forum; and 2) the NARAtions blog. 

The Open Government Idea Forum is an excellent way to let NARA know what services you'd like to see NARA deliver, what records you'd like to see digitized, policies you'd like to see NARA initiate, etc. Idea categories include: transparency, datasets, participation, collaboration, flagship initiative, and Public and Agency involvement. You can post new ideas, or vote (thumbs up / down) and comment on ideas already posted.

So let NARA know what researchers need and want! Check out: 
Open Government Idea Forum at: http://naraopengov.ideascale.com/a/panel.do?id=7239 
NARAtions (blog) at: http://blogs.archives.gov/online-public-access/

NARA also participates on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr.

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