[APG Public List] History of Czechs in America

Vera Nagel vpanews at t-online.de
Sun Mar 7 14:57:23 MST 2010

Dear Listmembers,

I am looking for Czech immigrants (from former Bohemia / Austria) into the
US. While searching Ancestry I came across the following finding which most
probably is the man / family I am looking for:

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Vaclav Vorel 
Name: Vaclav Vorel 
Year: 1857 
Place: Iowa
Source Bibliography: HABENICHT, JAN. History of Czechs in America. St. Paul,
MN: Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, 1996. 581p. 
Page: 237

Does anybody have this book (originally published in 1904 by Dr. Jan
Habenicht, been translated and republished in 1996 by the Czechoslovak
Genealogical Society) at hand and would be willing to kindly provide the
information it shows for Vaclav Vorel on page 237?

Next question would be: does this book also say / list anything about the
following people from former Bohemia:

a) Jan (John) Novak - born about 1852
b) Joseph Kopecky / Kupecki - born about 1837?

Many thank ahead of time. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Vera Nagel, Germany

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