[APG Public List] Documenting Family Travels

Kathy Rippel twinmom22 at cox.net
Sat Mar 6 00:15:31 MST 2010

My husband and I began doing a blog (using blogspot) a few years ago 
to record our vacations for the family to enjoy.

When we have an internet connection available (we camp) we try to add 
some more every day or so. (We notice we rarely get the end of the 
vacation posted!)

And when we took the eldest grandson (8 1/2) on a trip last summer he helped.

We record what we see and do, load pictures, report on campgrounds, 
and this summer I was able to do some genealogical research in the 
areas we were and recorded our "finds" for the family to read. What 
is recorded and how much detail really depends on which of us are 
doing the recording for that day!

Family members sometimes use the "comment" feature to either add 
related memories or to wistfully express their jealousy that we are 

There are lots of possibilities. There may be a way to add a map 
widget to record locations, but I'll have to check with the husband. 
He's the blog authority!


At 04:50 PM 3/5/2010, Tate wrote:
>I'm not sure if this has been addressed or answered but the question 
>came up in my family about documenting all of our own family travels.
>Is there an interactive software program that all family members can 
>share to, say, place a marker and a quick blurb about a place 
>they've actually traveled to and perhaps the circumstances of that trip?
>I'd appreciate any suggestions for any online interactive programs.
>Thank you very much!
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