[APG Public List] Historical vs Current Name Places

treviawbeverly treviawbeverly at comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 12:46:33 MST 2010

>>have multiple names for a location, perhaps a current location name and a 
>>historical location name?

> I use Reunion for Macintosh. I am able to enter the data as precisely as I 
> want to do it.

May I chime in here, after reading all the various emails?  Entering data is 
not "as I want to" but as
it should properly be.  The single thing to remember is the location where 
the event occurred.
Here are things I tell my classes:
When you enter the location where the event occurred, this means city/town, 
county, state.
   If you want to place things such as which hospital, or born at home, 
etc., these should be in your
notes; not your chart which  you want clean for the research process.
When new counties are formed, records do not go with the new county. Not 
only would you look for a deed or will in the original county, but you will 
also be checking census records in the original county.
   Some counties were divided many times, but it is possible that the family 
farm remained stationary. So which county will you use - you can't list them 
all on your ancestor chart.  So, once again, be sure that the "county 
genealogy" is traced and then noted in your note or reference section so you 
will know its history and be able to follow it down as the years progressed.
   But to be factual, you must show the county/state at the time of the 
Of course, we are all free to do as we like - but the traditional way will 
save a future researcher or a librarian, etc. who is trying to help you. 
While we have progressed from "the old fashioned way" to computers, and the 
way we "cite our source" may change, facts do not.   And the fact is that 
your ancestor was born or died or married in a specific county in a specific 

And if you have more than one historical name??? I was born in an "original" 
county - Harris. But someone could have been born in what is now Hamilton Co 
TX - and at different times been in (beginning to end)
Coryell, Lampasas, Comanche, Bosque, Hamilton.   And Coryell, of course, was 
formed from parts of Bell and McLennan counties.  Bell organized out of 
Milam Co and Milam from the old Mexican Municipality.
So what time period are we talking about with all this transfer of names: 
March 1836 - June 1858.

Research the county history of your geographical areas.

Trevia Wooster Beverly
Houston, Texas

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