[APG Public List] Suicide in Italy / Contact Italian newspaper

Vera Nagel vpanews at t-online.de
Wed Mar 3 02:13:32 MST 2010


A few more thoughts on this.... in case it was me I would contact the
Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" which was founded in 1886 in case my
memory is correct.

Their homepage (in English) is http://www.corriere.it/english/
Then use the "Contact us" link. italianlife at corriere.it

I would ask them whether their archive has any articles about this suicide
of Mrs. Hester Pfister who apparently was a "well-known society lady" back

Or you could try the New York University Libraries here
who from my understanding also have the "Corriere della Serra" on microfilm
for that specific time frame of interest.

My two cents only,
Vera Nagel

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