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Craig and Ray,

I absolutely have to agree to your comments, Ray.

The quoted lines from the article in the New York Times, dated 09 Nov 1912
do not at all indicate that the apartment was located in "Vatican City." As
you say, the clear opposite is true - say it was definitely located outside
of it.

The address of the Quirinal Palace is:
Palazzo del Quirinale
Piazza del Quirinale, 00187 Roma, Italy

"Via Venti Settembre" or "Via XX Settembre" (literal translation: street of
[or: remembering] the 20th September) leads to the Quirinal Palace but not

Regarding the "War Office" mentioned in the article my best guess would be
that this is a somehow misleading or better say a bad translation of a name
for any kind of office or may be head office of the Italian Ministry /
Department of Defense back then.

Today their address is:
Ministero della Difesa (translation: Ministry of Defense)
Palazzo Baracchini
Via XX Settembre 8 - 00187 Roma

And Wikipedia tells us: [quote] Palazzo Baracchini, built 1876-83, now
housing the Ministry of Defense [quote end]

The address of the office (may be head office) of the General Staff of the
Italian Army is:
Stato Maggiore della Difesa (translation: General Staff of Defense)
Palazzo Caprara
Via XX Settembre 11 - 00187 Roma

Assumption: this apartment might have been facing one of the two locations
above all being located at "Via Venti Settembre."

For what it may be worth.
Vera Nagel

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--- On Tue, 3/2/10, Craig Kilby <persisto at live.com> wrote:

> the apartment she had taken in the aristocratic Via Venti
> Settembre, facing the War Office and not far from the Quirirnal
> Palace." That is to say, the Vatican.

     The Quirinal Palace was _built_ for a Pope, but was at the time the
official royal residence of _Italy_. (I do realise this says "not far" from
that palace.) More importantly, what leapt out at me was "facing the War
Office". The _Vatican_ had a War Office??? (Yes, I do know about the Swiss
Guard, but I don't think they ever maintained a "War Office".) And the very
street was named for the date when the city of Rome was annexed _to the
Italian nation_. Indeed, wouldn't the account have read "Vatican City", not
Rome, if that was where the apartment was located?
     So, I'm sorry, but I don't see how any of this indicates the apartment
was located "in the Vatican". It suggests, to me, the exact opposite. If I'm
right (I am not an expert on Italy, and I don't have the precise address, so
I can hardly be sure), then we again have only the _physician_, and we know
his _employment_, but not his _nationality_.
                  Ray Beere Johnson II


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