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On Mar 2, 2010, at 7:51 PM, Barbara Mathews wrote:

> Craig, this story is fascinating. There were two things that came to my mind that I wanted to share. I hope that I'm not boring too many people.
> First, I expect that the doctor called in to attend a gunshot victim who survived for a short period of time would simply be the closest doctor to the scene.

I agree. But in this this considering the high-profile person, also a highly placed doctor. This was not your garden vareity suicide. This was a highly explosive political sitiuation. No pun intended. This is what I see on this list as reasons to de-construct the facts and turn it into a conspiracy theory, despite the evidII ence. 

> If that doctor was in the Vatican, he would be called whether or not the victim was in the Vatican. I'm not sure that I would limit my research to the Vatican archives because that was where the doctor had a work assignment. I would look for records kept by the city of Rome, in their equivalent of an American coroner's report or a French investigating magistrate's report. This is just my personal take on what is a riviting story.

I never meant to suggest I wanted to limit my resaearch to the Vatican. Only how to include the Vatican in the research. I've probably ruined all chances of that now that we are talking about them so openly. This was probably a very dumb idea on my part to even bring it up. Color me (bold colors) STUPID. So, let's drop this thread.

> If the death was a suicide, I also would not expect to see newspaper accounts. I'd look for them, but I would not be surprised to see them missing. A suicide in my family took place in Baton Rouge a scant three years ago. When I called the newspaper reporter down there to gather more informatiodn, I was told outright that they didn't publish suicides. I got the impression from him that such a shameful act is still to this day kept out of the papers.

Not sure how to reply here. As was pointed out earlier, perhaps off line and not on line, part of the job of the American Embassy staff (and the consuls) was to send cables to all American newspapers for any and all deaths of Americans living abroad. This would of course include the daughter of an Illinois Supreme Court Judge in 1912.  This explains why so many newspapers ran the story. And all of them say it was suicide.  Most of thes rant the same day an run the by line "ROME--NOV 5"  Most add "via cablegram."  No doubt  from Rome. So, your argument here does not hold water.
> Good luck in your search! 

YES, I am gong to need it.
> Yours, Barbara

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