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Stephen Danko stephen at stephendanko.com
Tue Mar 2 13:02:34 MST 2010

"Why can't genealogy software be constructed so as to allow us to have multiple names for a location, perhaps a current location name and a historical location name?"

If I want to enter two different locations in Family Tree Maker, I just add a duplicate event. Thus, I can have two birth events with the same date, but different place names.  One of these events would include the place name as it was known at the time of the event (which I tag as the "Preferred" listing), and the other would be the place name as it is currently known. I can even specify in the "Description" field which entry includes the place name at the time of the event, and which includes the place name as it is currently known.

In my reports, I can choose to include only the "Preferred" listings, or I can include both "Preferred" and "Alternate" listings. If I have included information in the "Description" field to identify which place name is the from the time of the event and which is the place name as currently known, that information is included in my reports as well.

Stephen J. Danko, PhD, PLCGS
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