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I also favor using the location name as it was then. Many of my ancestors
were in the area of Virginia that became West Virginia and I record all
pre-1863 locations as Virginia. While it does make FTM a little crazy when I
do this, it certainly accepts the override to the default WV. It just makes
no sense to me to list a current name for a place when that name was not
appropriate in that time period. This is also the practice I use for client
research documents with a notation stating so.


Jeff Pauley

Pacific Pointe Genealogy Service

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I have a personal question and wondering if I could get a feel for how
others do this.  In the past I recorded name places based on where they were
located currently.  Simply because it was easy to lookup.  Then I started to
put the historical places based on the event's time frame.  Now my database
has part current and historical name places, simple because I never
transferred everything over.


Since starting to use new FamilySearch I see that they are trying to record
places as they are known currently.  Should I follow and change everything
in my database to reflect it's current location?  I could record a place
currently as "Queensbury, Warren, New York, United States" and then in event
notes put formerly "Washington County" to reflect the historical event. Then
in the individual summary it will note the change historically.


The benefit of doing this would help me keep my place list neat in my
database.  I just wanted to know how others are handling this, and the pros
and cons of each way.


Renee Zamora

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