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Have you any further thoughts on this?


There are numerous types of members of the Guild.  I suspect that a
significant number join in order to support their own on-name study - be it
limited to a country or even a town.  To be able to register a name does one
need to commit to research world-wide - but by no means have all members
registered a name.  This commitment is intentionally loose.  For example,
for me to commit to gathering, let alone analysing and reporting, on the
GRAY / GREY names in my life time is non-sensical.  However, while I
concentrate on a few counties in England, I do look at other countries - for
example I "lurk" on the GRAY rootsweb list which is predominately US-based.
I am working so that either someone can follow on when I'm no longer able
to, or one or more people can join me in this project - possibly carrying
out research in a specific country or place.


I find the advice, guidance and support from fellow members of the Guild
very helpful.  For members not based in the UK, I understand that groups
based on location have sprung up.  In the USA there are "regional
representatives" based in Louisiana, Connecticut, Virginia and California.
If you are interested in taking this further  - just let me know and I'll
put you in touch.




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I have recently heard about a group Guild of One-Name Studies. After reading
their website it appears they are based in England.  Does anyone on the list
know of such a group or organization here in the United States?  Or does
anyone know anything about this group?  I have a great deal of information
about my husband's surname and I think it would qualify as a One-Name Study
after reading this website, but this is the first I have heard of such an
organization.  Thanks for any information about either this one or
additional US based groups.



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