[APG Public List] Great Site for London 1690-1800

Ray Beere Johnson II raybeere at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 17:44:50 MDT 2010

     There's a great resource for eighteenth century London (1690-1800) here: <http://www.londonlives.org/>. I learned about it from ResearchBuzz.
     I haven't done a thorough investigation, but it seems there are at least a few records that are earlier than 1690 and later than 1800, but according to the site that is the period the bulk of these records cover.
     In any case, if you have ancestors who lived in London - or who might have - during this period, or even if you are just interested in the history of London, this is a great place to spend some time. The "Featured Life" when I first visited was "Mary Harvey, fl. 1727-1733 A Noted Virago". :-)
     The information is supposed to be drawn from 240,000 manuscripts, across eight archives and fifteen datasets, and there are said to be 3.35 million names listed on the site. Which is _NOT_ to suggest this site covers everyone who lived in London during this period.
     For anyone with an interest in history, this site is as appealing as fresh catnip to a bored cat.
                               Ray Beere Johnson II


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