[APG Public List] Question about wills

Donna McR donna316 at tx.rr.com
Mon Jun 28 14:49:58 MDT 2010

Oh my, I was not saying that the comments in those wills could even be
remotely construed as any sort of evidence.  I was mentioning these because
they do convey information about how the will maker apparently felt about
those mentioned in his will at the very time that he was making the will.
For all we know, by the time he died, they might have all kissed and made
up, with the will being rewritten (or not).

I am sorry the inference was made that I considered those statements in the
wills as any sort of dependable evidence as to the character of those
mentioned.  I do understand the varying value of information found in
documents, and how this information must be weighed.  That's basic, and
perhaps my attempt at humor in relating the anecdotes was unfortunate and

Warmest Regards,


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