[APG Public List] [APG Members] My Predicament!!!! (Need Help).

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Fri Jun 25 11:08:15 MDT 2010

Terry, that's hardly worthy of an answer (suggesting Accusations and Lies). 
But sure, on the basis that 'friend of a friend' is how urban legends 

it was your correspondent's friend.  Correspondent is equivalent to the 
first generation friend in that urban legend phrase.  Her friend thus 
becomes 'friend of a friend'.  End of story, all I was saying.

But as genealogists we're all wary of the equivalent "friend of a friend 
told me" when doing oral interviews (substitute kinship terms).  It's like 
believing family gossip without hearing it from the actual person.

Still batting zero here on people being actually duped.


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  LBoswell wrote:

  > But again Terry, it's that old Urban Legend chant someone
  > told me "a friend of hers did...."  Ye olde 'friend of a
  > friend" again.


  So you are saying that my correspondent lied to me when she said one of 
the other people to whom the email was sent did send money? On what basis do 
you make that accusation?

  Terry Reigel
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