[APG Public List] [APG Members] My Predicament!!!! (Need Help).

Terry Reigel terry at reigelridge.com
Fri Jun 25 08:55:14 MDT 2010

LBoswell wrote:
> It's more likely from third party applications accessed
> through FB.  Privacy settings that you have set for FB 
> may not apply when you use those other apps.  

While the same scam is being run on Facebook, best I can see in those cases it's actually done on the Facebook system, not via email. All the messages of this sort I've received were emails, and seem to have two things in common -- use of a "free" email account, and a computer user who seems to be relatively unaware of security issues. In each of those cases the email account was actually taken over by the intruder. And, few if any of them every figure out how their account was compromised. I suspect they have either fallen for a phishing message and voluntarily given up their passwords, or have used weak passwords or security questions that make it easier for the scammers to break into the accounts. One told me he used the security question "What was your first phone number?" and not remembering it, entered 1234567890, and believed that was the way the account was compromised.

> I just don't think people would actually
> fall for this little con. 

Oh but they do - that's why it's going on. A correspondent whose account was compromised for one of these told me one of her friends did indeed send the money.

Terry Reigel

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