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Fri Jun 25 06:39:51 MDT 2010

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< Why is it so difficult ... >
< What will it take for practitioners of this obnoxious practice to cease 
and desist from it? >

Well, yes there is some benefit.  It's for the person who may have missed 
the first message.  Yes, I know that we can go back into the archives .... 
another way to do this is to snip anything that you deem necessary in order 
to make your answer better understood. Perhaps this will be a reminder to us 
        We should also remember that this public list is just that - public. 
And we have many 'lurkers' out there (Welcome!) who are on the list to read 
and learn. A chance for the "professional" to teach. Patience with others is 
a good lesson --
        One reason that I don't do "digest" on some lists is that I don't 
like all the messages that I have to wade
through ---- one message (topic in the Subject line) will get an answer 
from me if I have something to share. Those that come in on digest will not; 
that message is usually deleted without a look-see.
       And by the way, my pet peeve is that people do not identify 
themselves. If you telephoned me or sent a letter, you would do so.  Why do 
I like this - and periodically will remind people of this? It is because if 
it is a research question and I know where you're located I may be able to 
suggest a person contact, a repository, a website, etc. that would fit your 

Have a great  Friday and weekend, everyone.

Trevia Wooster Beverly
Houston, Texas

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