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Elizabeth has mentioned how the term "shirttail cousin" is used around 
these parts.  The term we have used for those in the family who have 
married in or who are related to our relatives is "kissin' cousin".  I 
have a church friend whose uncle married my aunt.  We share an aunt and 
uncle but we are not related.  We always refer to our relationship as 
"kissin' cousin".  For my cousins who are the children or grandchildren 
of my parents or grandparents cousins, we refer to them as our first or 
second cousins so many times removed or sometimes just as "another of 
my great grandparents' great grandchildren".  And yes, we do 
occasionally still get together.

My husband thinks that I am related to everyone in Oklahoma and tells a 
really funny story about flirting with a tall, beautiful blond he met 
on a plane between Chicago and Oklahoma City.  She was coming from New 
York and he from DC and all was fine until he figured out she was my 
second cousin.  He knew her parents and her maiden name, but did not 
recognize her married name nor her as she had not been to the family 
reunions.  He realized that she was his "kissin' cousin" but knew 
better than to take that literally.

Billie Fogarty
Oklahoma City

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In centuries past, it carried a connotation (among those of some means) 
poor cousins who wanted to ride on the financial coat-tails/shirttails 
their "better off" kinfolk.


Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
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