[APG Public List] SourceCitation is now an open group

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Sat Jun 12 11:22:13 MDT 2010

I surrender

Too many people want a place to discuss source citations, so I think the 
only option I have is to open the group up.  I don't want to spend my days 
turning any individuals away, or prevent them from being able to discuss 
source citations.  I've under-estimated the interest certainly!  I thought 
it would attract about a dozen people!

What I intended to form was a study group that would involve only beginners, 
but already the mix of different levels of knowledge amongst those who have 
signed up varies too widely.   So that intent has already been watered down. 
But I can't honestly turn people away any longer. So let's see how an open 
list goes.

I'm still going to run time-limited study sessions on the open group, 
starting with basics and proceeding forward to more advanced approaches.  I 
think beginners will benefit from the mix of ongoing questions about 
people's particular source citation problems (which will represent  the 
daily use of the list) while at the same time periodically being presented 
with  the more specific "directed" topics that I want to provide over time. 
If that doesn't work then I will create a second list restricted just to 
beginners.   I want people to feel comfortable in asking even the most basic 
questions.  I'm asking that more advanced members not just dish out complete 
answers, but rather help point people in the right direction so they can 
learn how to get there themselves (and that doesn't necessarily mean just 
pointing them to a page in EE)


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