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Jacqueline Wilson wilssearch at me.com
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Michelle, would this include an analysis of the records as well as how  
to source them?

I am all for a discussion, on whatever list, about the first two  
chapters of EE.  I want to make sure I have the fundamentals down  
before I try citing on my own.

Larry - for me, it means giving up End Note!

On Jun 10, 2010, at 7:24 PM, Michele Kemper wrote:


It is not so much a competitive race than a different approach to the  
same information.

The Yahoo group you have started is designed to focus on source  
citation. My proposal was to look at the different records and discuss  
them as well as looking as source citation. Having it on an open  
discussion forum such as TGF would allow Elizabeth and other experts  
to help those of us trying to learn.


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Excellent ideas, and they all serve the same ultimate goals.  You'd
think this was a competitive race though.  I think I've kicked open a  
pent up desire to learn here.

Remember though that  I have nothing to gain and much to lose since
this has become such a public issue on these lists today, but my  
intentions are
honest and my motives are to try to make a small contribution
to improving discussions on this subject.  The more places people
have to turn to deepen their understanding of source citations (or any
other genealogical matter), the better.  Obviously the demand is there  
more information, more opportunities to expand knowledge on this  
But that's the way genealogists are built.  There's always a greater  
for new opportunities to learn than there are venues available, so I'm  
pleased to see this sudden creative response to a long neglected need.

I hope some of the people who have joined the yahoo study group
also take part in these ventures, and bring the ideas and knowledge  
back to our
little effort in turn.  And maybe the reverse will happen too.


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> Michele,
> I agree that it could work. We just finished the
> Standards Manual. Perhaps it is time to move onto systematic EE  
> discussions on
> TGF.
> Or another approach is to take the ProGen model and use EE
> instead of ProGen. The model has a proven track record and is  
> described in an
> article by Angela McGhie in an APG Quarterly. The model includes  
> smaller
> groups for manageable discussions but with an experienced mentor.  
> The mentor
> does not lead the group but only advises and acts as a resource. It  
> works well
> and lets peers step up and practice leadership skills. Of course  
> those peer
> leaders have to be found -- and the more the merrier. No kings or  
> queens here!
> <g>
> It will be interesting to see how this resolves.
> -- 
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>> I think a step by step discussion of EE would be a good
> fit for TGF or the open APG list.
>> That would allow everyone to discuss
> the topics openly and get expert input into the
>> subject matter. Since
> EE examines a wide range of records, it could be more than looking
>> at
> source citation, but looking at the breadth and depth of records
> available.
>> Any thoughts?
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