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Hi Connie,

I have responded to Elizabeth privately.

Essentially I think having someone of Elizabeth's calibre on the list (in 
the beginning at least) would alter the dynamics for the list.  I think the 
temptation would be for all of us to simply engage in chaotic question and 
answer sessions, which is why I suggest periodic visits are welcome (and I 
think necessary) at least in the intial period.  In between visits I'd 
rather we worked at it quietly in this group environment, step by step.  I 
think I see the concept really  exploring the ideas and concepts that lie 
behind source citations as well as the actual application of those concepts, 
something I think you accomplish by working with the subject itself.  Not by 
being given the answers easily.

The cut off I guess is based on an honest answer to this question: "do you 
need to strengthen or refresh existing skills or develop greater 
understanding of source citations."  If you say that's the case, welcome to 
the group.   If you don't then why would you want to join. So I'm setting 
the bar at that point, at least in the very beginning while the list 
establishes its own dynamics. I suspect those with established expertise 
would really help the group if they'd periodically  volunteer to come answe 
questions at strategic points as we all move forward in this project.

The range of people in the group now covers the span from newbie to 
experienced researcher, but each one individually states they want to work 
to improve their source citation skills and understanding, in a group 


Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
"Experts in Historical & Genealogical Research"
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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  [I apologize in advance if I'm cross posting to the wrong lists; I've lost 
track of what was posted where].


  Could you please respond to Elizabeth's question publicly? In addition, 
could you let us know how you plan to distinguish those who are allowed to 
join your list vs. those who are not?

  Although I have little time to participate in another group, I might be 
interested if I could be assured that authors of relevant books or articles, 
and anyone else who is willing to serve in a mentor role, are available to 
answer questions or offer relevant comments at all times.

  I have little interest in a group that would restrict membership, 
particularly when I've not seen a description of how you plan to decide who 
is able to join and who is not.  If your intent is to allow individuals like 
Elizabeth to participate only on certain occasions, I'm not comfortable with 
that, as it could easily lead to loss of context for all involved.

  I do like Linda's idea of a Google Wave experiment.

  Connie Sheets

  --- On Thu, 6/10/10, eshown at comcast.net <eshown at comcast.net> wrote:

  > Larry,
  > You are generous indeed to launch this study group. I note
  > you state that it
  > will be a "restricted group" and "not a place for those who
  > already have a
  > high degree of confidence in writing source
  > citations." You also state that
  > you will be using EE and "going step by step through that
  > text, from front
  > to back."
  > While I really do not have time to participate actively on
  > another list, I
  > would like to at least 'be available' for times when EE is
  > misunderstood or
  > for the inevitable occasions when no one on the group has
  > experience with a
  > particular type of source that EE covers. May I subscribe
  > also?
  > Elizabeth

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