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Connie Sheets clsheets1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 10 11:11:18 MDT 2010

[I apologize in advance if I'm cross posting to the wrong lists; I've lost track of what was posted where].


Could you please respond to Elizabeth's question publicly?  In addition, could you let us know how you plan to distinguish those who are allowed to join your list vs. those who are not?  

Although I have little time to participate in another group, I might be interested if I could be assured that authors of relevant books or articles, and anyone else who is willing to serve in a mentor role, are available to answer questions or offer relevant comments at all times.

I have little interest in a group that would restrict membership, particularly when I've not seen a description of how you plan to decide who is able to join and who is not.  If your intent is to allow individuals like Elizabeth to participate only on certain occasions, I'm not comfortable with that, as it could easily lead to loss of context for all involved.

I do like Linda's idea of a Google Wave experiment.

Connie Sheets

--- On Thu, 6/10/10, eshown at comcast.net <eshown at comcast.net> wrote:

> Larry, 
> You are generous indeed to launch this study group. I note
> you state that it
> will be a "restricted group" and "not a place for those who
> already have a
> high degree of confidence in writing source
> citations."  You also state that
> you will be using EE and "going step by step through that
> text, from front
> to back." 
> While I really do not have time to participate actively on
> another list, I
> would like to at least 'be available' for times when EE is
> misunderstood or
> for the inevitable occasions when no one on the group has
> experience with a
> particular type of source that EE covers. May I subscribe
> also?
> Elizabeth


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