[APG Public List] SourceCitation better link version 2

LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Thu Jun 10 10:19:31 MDT 2010

ahh, but Craig, you're talking to someone who thinks Statistical Analysis is 
one the most stimulating subjects in the world,  Yes, ready to scour the 
depths of source citations like they've never been scoured before!

If I can get a link up that works.  Apparently my link gets this added to 
the front for some reason: x-usc

removing that should take care of it, but here's the link again in plain 


It's probably better if you type that address into your browser rather than 
just click on it.

but anyone who has problems, let me know and I'll send out a direct invite

Craig, Craig! Wake up, you nodded off reading this!  I know it's minutia and 
picky, but so is Stats!


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