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just to clarify that I'm not setting up a "class".  The moderated aspect is 
only to keep discussions within a 'study' or learning approach, rather than 
drifting off into wider discussions.  It's going to be a cooperative study 
discussion area, a round table set up. My role will be to keep things moving 
along by providing some direction, or hold things up when more time is 
needed on a particular area.  More to make sure that the discussion move 
along in a linear fashion.  I intend to be a participant, learning along 
with the rest, and offering any insights that I can to meet the goal of 
helping people reach a higher level of understanding and confidence in the 
writing of source citations.

A lot of concentration on the basics.  Understanding the nature and purposes 
of source citations in genealogy.

On joining the group, there's a problem at the moment. The links appear to 
function sporadically, some people are able to get through and others are 
having problems.  I think the problem is that I set it up as an "unlsted 
group".  I'm attempting to have it show as a listed group (which will solve 
the problem)

In the meantime if anyone has problems joining please let me know off list. 
I should have things fixed shortly

Larry Boswell BA, PLCGS
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  I've been thinking about your question and the desire to be able to
  include document images in discussions.

  I wonder if Google Wave might not be a useful setting for this type of

  I would be willing to set up one for those interested.  Technically,
  participants need a gmail account.  A wave can be public or private to a
  group.  Whatever we decide.  I am willing to handle the technical and
  organizational end, but could not be 'leader' with respect to content.

  I am not interested in a class or moderated group of the type Larry
  describes for his yahoo group.

  i'd like a place where individuals seriously interested in learning
  about sources and how to cite them for different purposes can get
  together and pursue their common interest.  I'd like for the group to
  reflect a range of expertise, because I enjoy learning from others, but
  most important to me is that participants share a common goal regarding
  extending their understanding of genealogical sources in today's world
  and the corresponding implications for citations.  So, I'd be happy to
  start with whomever is interested and go from there.

  I'm not committed to Google Wave at all.  If there's interest in another
  platform, like a Google or Yahoo group, or a blog, I'd be happy to set
  it up and do organizational chores, if that's of any help.  Just thought
  of Wave, because one can pull an image directly into a conversation.

  Linda Gardner

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  > What about a Google  or Yahoo group?  That might be even easier to
  > keep up with.  Right now I do not know enough to ask the right
  > questions, so someone would need to lead at least until I get my head
  > above water - at the rate I am going that might take a year.  I have
  > no idea what my schedule will be like until after July 5th.
  > Would anyone be interested in a group like this.  Maybe the first set
  > of discussions could cover the first 90+ pages of EE and then go
  > section by section. We could post examples of the documents  listed
  > that section and discuss both the analysis and the citation.
  > Comments, criticisms, ideas?
  > Jacqueline Wilson
  > Evanston, IL
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  > genealogist."
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  > On Jun 9, 2010, at 5:34 PM, Chris Staats wrote:
  > Jackie -
  > It sounds like a Wordpress or Blogger site might be the free medium
  > you are envisioning. It's really easy to set up and configure. You
  > could post the document and question in a post, and let people respond
  > in the comments section. If you needed, it would be easy to also post
  > a powerpoint presentation or other media to the blog using Slideshare
  > or other free hosting services. You certainly could use a wiki or
  > content management system, but a blog is simpler to set up and manage
  > - especially without paying for hosting.
  > Just a thought.
  > Chris
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