[APG Public List] citation think group APGers-isn't there one of those?

CL Swope (alfonsa) alfonsa at cynthiaswope.com
Wed Jun 9 13:22:32 MDT 2010

When I made the post creating this thread, I was thinking of, and still 
would like, a place to bounce off citations (yes, only formats) . 
Discussions encompassing what you mention might occur in the analysis of 
the citations themselves, but what I crave is a citation buddy group to 
analyze the citations if a question arises. While Elizabeth's book is of 
course great, following it, in order to follow it, is not always easy 
(at least for me, and maybe because I have the pdf version and it's 
unfortunately hard to negotiate--for me) . There are many details, and I 
think alot of us would like to just be able to analyze and feel 
confident in our own citations.


Elissa Scalise Powell, CG wrote:
> Just to clarify the questions posed below as a way to get people to
> thinking: Citations and evidence analysis are often woven together when
> people are discussing them. Any think tank or discussion on citations needs
> to understand what it is you are citing. Citations act as a way that we can
> analyze the weight of evidence we are citing by accurately depicting what it
> is we actually saw and used and in what format. For example a photo of a
> headstone is "weightier" than the book of transcribed readings. Courses such
> as the Boston University course explore these issues. In Tom Jones' three
> week module you get to examine the whys and wherefores of citations and also
> evidence analysis, conflicting evidence, case building and what constitutes
> proof. 
> So to add to the questions about when you say you might like to study
> citations, do you really mean just the citations (as in formats), or will
> proof arguments, evidence analysis and conflict resolution be part of the
> discussion? It seems to me that it would make it a lot more relevant to be
> able to consider, ponder, practice and discuss the whole ball of wax.
> My .02,
> Elissa
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>> What would such a "think group" look like? Would it be people sitting
> around
>> creating references for pre-selected sources? Would it be a place to
> bounce
>> your own citations off others? Would it be study of the whys and
> wherefores
>> of the citation models? Would it be like the couple of weeks that Dr. Tom
>> Jones spends on citations in the Boston University Genealogical Research
>> Certificate course? Just what would this animal look like? How would it be
>> administered?

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