[APG Public List] How long to wait for pre-paid search by countyrecords office?

Alvie L. Davidson CG floridasearch at verizon.net
Wed Jun 9 10:25:12 MDT 2010

Hi Linda
Since you did not say which state or which county you are dealing with it is
very hard to give you advice from my years of experience.
If this search was in NY City it might be a much longer wait than it would
be if it was in a rural county in Mississippi or even in Florida.
Basing my comments on the possibility it is in a smaller county the wait for
three months seems a bit too long to wait. 
I probably would have begun to contact them after about 60 days.

Alvie L. Davidson CG
Lakeland, Florida
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Nearly three months ago, having received word from a county clerk's office
that they would be willing to search 4 years' of handwritten, unindexed
court proceedings for a divorce record, I sent payment and copies of our
original correspondence. My check cleared more than two months ago, but I
haven't heard anything from the clerk's office. I don't want to appear
impatient (I am, of course <grin>) and certainly don't want to encourage
them to rush through the job rather than searching carefully, but I'm
wondering if my request was set aside and forgotten. What's a reasonable
amount of time to wait before sending a carefully worded, polite inquiry? (I
do realize that I'm fortunate they were willing to tackle the job at all.)


Linda Johnson


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