[APG Public List] How long to wait for pre-paid search by county records office?

Linda Johnson lindajohnsongenealogy at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 10:11:13 MDT 2010

Nearly three months ago, having received word from a county clerk's office that they would be willing to search 4 years' of handwritten, unindexed court proceedings for a divorce record, I sent payment and copies of our original correspondence. My check cleared more than two months ago, but I haven't heard anything from the clerk's office. I don't want to appear impatient (I am, of course <grin>) and certainly don't want to encourage them to rush through the job rather than searching carefully, but I'm wondering if my request was set aside and forgotten. What's a reasonable amount of time to wait before sending a carefully worded, polite inquiry? (I do realize that I'm fortunate they were willing to tackle the job at all.)


Linda Johnson


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