[APG Public List] citation think group APGers-isn't there oneof those?

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I'd recommend the time-limited discussion approach that's now going on in 
TheoryGen.  It's a learning curve, because email lists/groups aren't 
normally used in this manner.  Jeanette's introduction of time limits, and a 
particular article have worked well, but it's just the first step towards 
learning how to quietly and effectively discuss articles and anything else 
that's of interest.

The advantage of a yahoo (or other) group is that there are accompanying 
applications that can be used to add files, links, and other supportive 

One thing that's turning out to be really nice is that even when people 
don't have the time to participate, they can follow the discussion of the 
article by selectively reading the responses and discussions as they go on. 
With a study group isn't everyone expected to participate?  On this current 
first attempt on TheoryGen, far more people are able to read even if they 
can't participate.  And there's always the potential that eventually one of 
the future time limited discussions will be something they wish to comment 

The more we experiment with alternative uses of these lists and groups, the 
better use we make of them.

But this first attempt is going well.  I think maybe future discussions 
could be limited to 4 or 5 days maximum, but as I said this is just a first 
attempt to get us used to taking a more relaxed, open approach to 
discussions centred on a particular article, document, or idea.

In any study group, room should be made for people who just want to sit in 
and listen (or in this case, read) along.


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  Interesting that Lisa referred to the TGF email list since it is Elizabeth
  Mills who does much of the answering on citations either there or here. 
  is very generous with her time, when she can.

  I took the original question to mean a study group outside of an email 
  and was waiting to see if anyone knew of one. This could be a "cause" that
  someone might choose to "champion" just as the _Pro Gen_ Study Group was
  formed as a response to a need.

  What would such a "think group" look like? Would it be people sitting 
  creating references for pre-selected sources? Would it be a place to 
  your own citations off others? Would it be study of the whys and 
  of the citation models? Would it be like the couple of weeks that Dr. Tom
  Jones spends on citations in the Boston University Genealogical Research
  Certificate course? Just what would this animal look like? How would it be

  More questions than answers,
  Elissa in Pittsburgh

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  > For those interested in a citation feedback group. I'm posting what Lisa
  > Gorrell kindly sent to me including it's link.
  > Lisa Gorrell wrote:
  > > The Transitional Genealogist List has many people who will help with
  > > citation work.  Below is how to subscribe.

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