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When all else fails. Look for all variations of the spelling. My grand  
father John Carl Brown was listed in the censes as Carl J. Browne. My  
grandmother Onedia Francis Dill Brown was listed as Orenda Frances Brown. My  uncle 
Hoover Dill Brown was listed as Huber Brown. My mother Beverly Jayne Brown  
was listed as Jane Brown. There were also mistakes on birth dates and 
locations.  Had my sister not know the street address she would never have found 
then  in the census. So, I guess the bottom line is that census takers make  
Good luck,
Dave Sloan
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I will add to what the others have suggested, a  line by line search in the 
census.  Since you are dealing with variations  in spelling of the names it 
might take looking for the family members on the  actual census.  You will 
want to narrow down where this family may have  been and then do your 
search.  This has worked for me in the past.   Sometimes I can understand from the 
handwriting why people may not have been  indexed by the correct spelling 
of their names.
Chuck Mason

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I am trying to find a family which should be  listed in Missouri (or 
elsewhere--I've searched all states) in the censuses  of 1870 and 1880.  I have 
searched literally everywhere within the U.S.  for the family as a group, as 
well as for individuals in the family who  might be living apart from the 
main family.  I have done all the  wildcard searches, variant first and last 
names, mis-spelled names,  etc.
Their daughter married in Lawrence County, in  the southwest corner of 
Missouri in 1885.  This is one county away from  the Oklahoma border.  I am 
wondering if this family might have been in  Oklahoma (i.e., one of the Indian 
Nations/Indian Territory) in  1870-1880.  She was underage, and the marriage 
consent in Missouri was  given by a person apparently not her parent.  She 
married a man of her  same surname, and I am wondering if she was actually 
visiting Lawrence  County relatives when they met.
I have consulted Red Book, Val Greenwood's  guide, etc., and am not getting 
leads on anything that might  help.  Perhaps even there I'm missing 
Are there any tax lists, tribal censuses that  included the non-native 
population, etc., that might help me search for this  couple 1870-1880?
They might have been Native American in part,  but I doubt it.  However, I 
understand that non-natives made agreements  with the Indian tribes to use 
farmland and pastureland before  non-native settlement officially was allowed 
in 1889.
Any suggestions very  much appreciated.
Warmest Regards,

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