[APG Public List] Monday's Scholarly Email Discussion of Helen Leary's article

Jeanette Daniels jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 14:55:54 MDT 2010

Dear Everyone,

I'm thrilled with the numbers who have decided to be involved with the Scholarly Email Discussion of Helen Leary's  On-Board article, Volume 4, Number 2, May  1998 on the TheoryGen email 
list beginning the morning of Monday, June 7th and ending the evening of Saturday, June 12th.  The article may be  
found in its entirety at  http://bcgcertification.org/publications/onboard/article3.html  In order to be prepared for the discussion, please read the entire  
article.  It is entitled:  "Reporting Standards: Client Research  v. 
Personal Research."  

We will discuss the following topics on specific days:

1.  double 
standards for genealogical  research (Monday, June 7th)
2.  ethical standards and obligations to  clients (Tuesday, June 8th)
3.  importance of the report versus the 
research for  clients (Wednesday, June 9th)
4.  importance of the report versus the 
research for  yourself (Thursday, June 10th)
5.  fraud (Friday, June 11th)
6.  a quality report (Saturday, June 12th)

I understand that we are all busy people and if you want to discuss one of the topics on another day because of your work or other conflicts, please do.  This is just a suggested schedule.  Monday, June 14th, expect to find a summary of the discussion.  All of this will take place on the TheoryGen email list.

Remember that we are very diverse people with differing ideas.  That's great and that's why we are having this discussion.  Even though we will be studying Helen's article prior to Monday morning, I suspect that we will all have differing opinions, differing insights, and suggests for improvement.  That's the idea!  Please come prepared to share your own thoughts.  Do not hesitate.  The TheoryGen list is an open list and you should not fear ridicule or rude comments.  Please remember as you express your ideas to have consideration for others who do not agree with you.  We learn more that way and who knows, may even change some of our views.  Genealogical email lists are an important way to network with other professionals.

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Jeanette Daniels
Genealogical College


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