[APG Public List] Lancaster County Estate Project 1835-1865

CL Swope (alfonsa) alfonsa at cynthiaswope.com
Fri Jun 4 08:13:26 MDT 2010


This is a great accomplishment and wonderful gift.

My only suggestion is to highlight the link into the search.  It's a 
text intensive page, and the 'here' in the sentence that is the only 
link into the search isn't really so prominent by color or size. It 
would have helped me, at any rate.

Kudos, and thank you!


Craig Kilby wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am pleased to announce the launch of a major initiative that was begun three years ago.  Thanks to a matching grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. It is an every name index with notes and abstracts of the Lancaster County Estates from 1835-1865. It would take me hours to explain all of this. Fortunately, this is not necessary because it is all explained on the web site hosted by the Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library, to whom the grant was given and on whose behalf I a pleased to announce this.
> Yes, we know that that there are a few quirks and some items that need more clarification. We will be most appreciative of constructive feedback. 
> You can read all about the project and search the data base starting from here:
> http://mbwm.org/estates.asp
> Your Trusty Friend
> Craig Kilby

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