[APG Public List] Newborn Given Temporary Name?

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Do you know of cases when the parents just gave a child a temporary name for
such a record as a census taken a few days after the child was born?







 When I was 14, I went with my mother to her uncle's funeral.  Several
people came up to us and said, "And this must be Nancy!"  I looked
questioningly at Mother and she explained to me that when I was born at the
end of WWII,  our family was living at an Army post several states away.
She telegrammed family and friends back home that Nancy was born.  But then,
she noticed I was bald like my father, Leonard, and so she changed my name
to Linda.  Some people never found out about the change.  


My oldest sister recently told me that all 3 of us girls had been named
Nancy originally, only to have that named  changed to family names.   Nancy
wasn't a family name, but it had been the name of Mother's horse when she
was a girl.  


Honey (really Linda) Ryan

Savannah, GA




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