[APG Public List] To all New York State based genealogical researchers

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I don't live in NY but I'm wondering if the statement "Those services
include the furnishing of information that is personal or individual in
nature and that is not or may not be substantially incorporated in reports
furnished to other persons" would exempt a Genealogical Researcher. Looking
at the list of Service Businesses, I am thinking the law is based at
genealogical services such as database providers (like Footnote or
Ancestry). I think it might be a good idea to contact their tax department
and get a reading before charging clients a tax.
Carl Oehmann
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A heads up to New York State based researchers:
New York State has implemented, as of 19 July 2010, a new way to raise
further revenues.  Those who deal in information services must, as of 1
September 2010, begin to charge, collect and remit sales tax on their
"Genealogical research services" are specifically mentioned.  See page two
of the flier which can be found at the site listed below.
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