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Rolgeiger at aol.com Rolgeiger at aol.com
Sun Jul 25 08:06:08 MDT 2010

a group from Bavaria, Germany, has put  the so-called "Bayern-Register" 
They say it contains 66,000 family  names as well as towns and villages 
from Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Upper  Palatinate and Schwaben (all of them 
are parts of recent Bavaria).   
Data have been put together by about  300 researchers from Germany, 
Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and USA.   
Unfortunately it's still available only  in German (French and English will 
come but it may take a while).   
To search the data file, click "zur  Datenbank" 
First line is for research based on  family name. 
Second based on town's name.   
Third on German Zip Code  (recent) 
You will find this information:   
Which name     was found where           German Zip-Code          
Researcher's number 
Now you step back to main menue and go  to "Listen – Mustervorlagen". There 
you'll have a pdf-file "Liste aller  Teilnehmer sortiert nach der 
Teilnehmernummer A-Z". With the researcher's number  you will find the researcher who 
searches that particular family.   
I hope I got it right so.   
Roland Geiger, St. Wendel,  Germany 
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