[APG Public List] Repeating client's work

Michael Hait michael.hait at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 05:04:43 MDT 2010

I include the following clause both on my website and in my contract, which 
clients are required to sign before I begin any research:

"All previous research bearing on the research goal must be provided prior 
to the start of the project.  If failure to provide relevant information 
results in duplication of previous research, charges for this research will 
still apply."

So far I have not had any complaints about my research results.

Michael Hait
michael.hait at hotmail.com

From: "Israel P" <IsraelP at pikholz.org>
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 4:14 AM
To: <apgpubliclist at apgen.org>
Subject: [APG Public List] Repeating client's work

> What do you folks do when - after asking client the three basic questions
> what do you know, what do you want to learn and what resources have you
> already checked - client then says "Why did you spend two hours on such
> and such?  I already looked at that."
> She didn't include that resource in answering the third basic question,
> so as far as I knew, this was a new investigation.  (Let's ignore that I
> might have found something that client herself missed.)
> Do you have to tell client in advance exactly what resources you are
> planning to investigate?  That can get awfully cumbersome - next thing
> she'll want to know exactly how many units of fifteen minutes will be
> spent on each resource!
> I mean you can hardly just say "Tough luck.  I asked what you had done
> yourself and you didn;'t mention this resource."
> Israel Pickholtz
> Jerusalem

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