[APG Public List] Repeating client's work

Israel P IsraelP at pikholz.org
Thu Jul 22 02:14:38 MDT 2010

What do you folks do when - after asking client the three basic questions 
what do you know, what do you want to learn and what resources have you 
already checked - client then says "Why did you spend two hours on such 
and such?  I already looked at that."

She didn't include that resource in answering the third basic question, 
so as far as I knew, this was a new investigation.  (Let's ignore that I 
might have found something that client herself missed.)

Do you have to tell client in advance exactly what resources you are 
planning to investigate?  That can get awfully cumbersome - next thing 
she'll want to know exactly how many units of fifteen minutes will be 
spent on each resource!

I mean you can hardly just say "Tough luck.  I asked what you had done 
yourself and you didn;'t mention this resource."

Israel Pickholtz

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