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Mon Jul 12 22:19:16 MDT 2010


--- On Mon, 7/12/10, Craig Kilby <persisto at live.com> wrote:

> Ray, interesting video. I don't suppose any of us are ever "safe" 
> unless we just don't use a computer at all--but these scams were not 
> computer scams. They were real life scams that had nothing to do with
> computers--at least in how the personal information was obtained. 

     The whole point of the video is to show just how vulnerable we all are to "social engineering" (the underlying theory of the "scams" in the video _and_ real life phishing attacks). And more and more phishing attacks are designed, not to steal your bank account information or identity (at least directly), but to compromise your computer security. True, I suspect many on this list don't have a high enough level of security to even require such an attack to compromise it, but the basic point is important.

> I am curious as to why you say Apple browsers are "even worse" than 
> Microsoft's IE8. I could not disagree more. I use two Apple browsers: 
> Safari and Camino. I update my Apple internet security every time it is 
> available. Most scammers don't bother with Apple users since we are only
> about 10-12% of the market, and it is a much more propriety
> operating system than MS. But they CAN happen.
> So, why do you say Apple is "even worse?"

     I was referring, not to Apple _browsers_ , but to their overall corporate policies. And Apple isn't safe precisely because of the attitude that "nobody bothers Apple machines". Users and the company itself are both guilty of this attitude. Ten percent is a decent number of computers - and those can be used, indirectly, to compromise other machines. So, yes, there are reasons to target Apples, and until the company really wakes up and starts taking the kind of active measures MS _finally_ adopted, Apple security won't even be up to MS standards. Which aren't exactly impressive, in my opinion.
     And even the browsers aren't that good. The Pwn To Own contest is a pretty good indicator <http://dvlabs.tippingpoint.com/blog/2010/02/15/pwn2own-2010> (scroll _way_ down for results - NOTE: when Linux was included in earlier years, it was the only OS which wasn't easily "pwned" - there's some reason to think the "market share" excuse is a nice way to dodge the issue of such a direct comparison, seeing the financial interests at stake...).
                          Ray Beere Johnson II


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