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Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer christine3cats at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 20:56:00 MDT 2010

I hope someone can help me with this. At the 2008 FGS conference, one of the
exhibitors was a German researcher (from Germany) who specializes in
research on German Jewish lines. I got his card, and it is probably in one
of the piles around my office, but I can't find it. I've looked at the
materials I can find from the conference, but can't find a listing of

Alternatively, I see by checking the APG listing that there are a few German
researchers who do Jewish research somewhat close to my area of interest.
Specifically, I have extensive information about five Oppenheimer siblings,
born from 1846 through 1862 in Fuerst, which is right outside of Nuernberg,
about 90 miles north of Munich. I know the names of their parents, including
mother's maiden name, but nothing more about the parents. I'm hoping to
locate a researcher who can discover whether there are any records that will
help me learn more about the ancestors of these siblings. Also, one of them,
Fanni (Oppenheimer) Kuehnrich, went back to Germany with her twin daughters,
who attended university there. I'd like to find out what happened to Fanni
and the daughters.

If there are any German researchers on the list who feel they could take
this on, please contact me off the list. And if anyone on the list can
recommend a researcher who could help with this, please let me know.



Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer
Hyde Park, NY

Author of: Long-Distance Genealogy:
Researching Your Ancestors from Home
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