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Thanks for posting that.  It sure brings the modern census enumerators job
into prospective.

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I stumbled across this little goodie this morning when I was going through
an old local news paper. The following was taken from _Wayne County
Democrat_, Wooster, Ohio, 11 February 1880, page 3, column 7.

"About the Census

The following extract from the census Law will prove of interest. The
penalties of obstructing the census takers, who begin their labors on the
first Monday in June, are severe. The law says: 
  "All persons above the age of 21 years who shall refuse to furnish the
information required by the supervisor of enumeration shall forfeit and pay
a sum not exceeding $100, to be recovered in an action of debt. President,
directors, or other officials of private corporations who refuse to furnish
information required of them are made liable to a penalty not to exceed
  "Only two weeks are allowed for the completion of the census. The
compensation for the enumerators is as follows: Two cents for each living
inhabitant; two cents for each death reported; ten cents for each farm;
fifteen cents for each manufactory, which is to be in full for all services,
and no mileage or traveling expenses. The subdivision assigned to each
enumerator must not exceed 4,000 inhabitants.""

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