[APG Public List] RE:Needing 18th-19th Century American Maps

Donna McR donna316 at tx.rr.com
Sun Jan 24 15:14:31 MST 2010

Thank you all for the map set recommendations.
I have found the Newberry website to be quite useful----showing many of the 
things I need.  On the screen the display is quite good, but the printouts 
are less so, as the county names are shown in white (at least on the maps) I 
tested.  But nevertheless, it is a great site with really helpful maps. . . 
. and it is free!

Also, I have looked at Animap Plus.  I tried to download the free demo, but 
it would not run on my Windows Vista 64-bit.  Do any of you run the paid 
version on Vista 64-bit?



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