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No this is not a game, thank you. Right, I now know where it is and will spend the money to order it. I was simply asking if anyone had any idea of what information would be on a death certificate out of Tennessee in that time period. I would not want her to wait weeks for it to come if they never contain information regarding the mother's maiden name. 


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Todd, how can anyone know what it will say unless they see it? You have asked for help in finding it, now you know where it is, you'd be foolish not to order it unless this was all just a game.


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> Thank you all for your help. Yes, this is the correct Ruth. Her middle initial should not be 'C', but anyway, it is her. First of all, I'm not sure why she is still not showing up in the SSDI. More importantly, if I were to order a copy of the death certificate from the Tennessee Archives, I am still wondering if it would contain her mother's maiden name. 
> Does anyone have any idea on that? 

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