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You are exactly right. Yes it is Mary F. that I am attempting to find the maiden name for. A later census shows her immigration to the US as 1892 which makes more sense because her daughter Ruth was born in 1904. 

I am wondering if she came over in 1892 and was naturalized in 1913. Regardless, I cannot find her naturalization records. That is why I was attempting to find Ruth's death certificate. 


Thank you though!


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A quick look online shows a family file with 
a Ruth Agnes Cloud, born 1904 marrying a man named Herman L. Biggs. 
This lady reportedly died in Tennessee on 5 January 1954.  When I ran a 
search on the site that Tina provided a link to, I found Ruth C. Biggs, died in 
Davidson County, Tennessee, on 5 January 1954.  My bet would be that 
the C is for Cloud.
This same Ruth A. Cloud  may be the Ruth Cloud 
who shows up in the household of Charles E. Cloud and Mary F. [?] on the 1920 
U.S. Census of Lavaca County, Texas.  If so, the mother Mary F. is reported 
to have immigrated to the U.S. in 1913 and to have been naturalized - if this is 
the right family, perhaps you can find the naturalization record. That almost 
certainly would give you her maiden name.
Good hunting.
Jack Butler

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Thank you for your help. I did check out 
        the Tennessee website you suggested. However, she was not listed. My 
        client's grandmother, Ruth Agnes Cloud died January 5, 1954 in 
        Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. Yet a record of her death cannot be 

I cannot understand how someone born as late as 1904, and 
        dies in 1954 cannot be found. However, that is the case. Of course my 
        first thought is that she must be listed under a different name, but I 
        would think my client would know an alternate name for her. 

        keep looking. Thanks again for your help though, 

Todd White 

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          Does this help, see the coloumn on the far right 
          and check their deaths.

          Sansone  Genealogy at Bellaonline.com

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> Hello all, 
> am ultimately looking for a maiden name for a 
> ancestor. I know
> she was married somewhere in 
          Texas between 1899 and 1901. I
> am not sure
> of the 
          County the couple were married in. Therefore
> locating 
> marriage license has proven to be impossible so 
> From
> that marriage, there was a child 
          born somewhere in Texas in
> 1904. That lady grew up,
          married, moved to Tennessee and passed away in 1954. I
> would 
          like to
> see the death certificate to see if her mother's 
> name is on it
> but for some reason I cannot 
          locate her death
> certificate.
> Does
> anyone know 
          what I can expect to find on that death
> certificate?
          Considering that it was issued from Tennessee in 1954,
> should 
          I expect
> it to contain her mother's maiden name? 
          Thank you all in advance!
> Todd White 


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