[APG Public List] Research into Illegitimate Births in Europe

Christy Fillerup christy.fillerup at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 10:35:58 MST 2010

I attended a lecture last night at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. It 
was given by Warren Bittner and was a fantastic discussion of researching 
illegitimacy in Europe. I would highly recommend Warren's presentation to 
anyone with illegitimate ancestors. The presentation is based on a decade (I 
believe he said) of research for his Master's thesis. Some of the findings 
were very surprising. Anyway, it was eye opening for me and I wanted to 
share my impressions in case anyone else gets the opportunity to attend this 
presentation in the future.

Just a heads up :)

Millenealogy Family History Research
Salt Lake City, Utah

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