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When looking at birth (and baptismal records), one must take into
account when records were required and what the rational for recording
birth records were. In Ohio, while some birth records were recorded
prior to the 1920's, the rate such record-keeping skyrocketed in the
1920-1930's. Among other reasons, the military draft, and the need for
proof of age for driver's licenses. In those early years, many came
into the clerk's office to register their own birth, and,
occassionally, someone actually born out of state was registered.
Indeed,  individuals may have had to register their own birth. Those
delayed birth registrations may have been recorded in seperate
ledgers, and some clerks have recorded the birth of individuals who
were living in the local area, but born out of state. (Delayed birth
certificates). My husband's aunt was the clerk in Wood County, Ohio
for many, many years. She recorded the birth of a relative who was
actually born in Pennsylvania.


On 1/13/10, Michael Hait <michael.hait at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> I once came across a death certificate where the informant filled in the
> names of his own parents and their birth places in the respective spaces.
> He was the decedent's son, and wrote the decedent's name, and his wife's
> name, in the "Father's Name" and "Mother's Maiden Name" places!  Talk about
> a useless record in that regard (though I guess it would count as secondary
> information providing direct evidence of his mother's maiden name).
> Michael
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> Bob,
> When ever people used preprinted forms form they can cause us problems.  I
> recently got a copy of a death certificate that someone use part of the
> preprinted year and wrote in the rest of the year. All that needed to be
> added was the last number of the year.  Instead of doing that they crossed
> out part of the preprinted year and added handwritten numbers making the
> year 1998.  This was for a death that took place in 1899.  I knew this was
> wrong because the death certificates were filed by year.  Also the
> certificate contained the date it was recorded which had the correct year,
> 1899.  We really do have to look at each piece of information on
> certificates for accuracy.
> Chuck Mason
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> OK, I need new glasses!!  The date confusion is as I stated with death date
> given as Jan 1, 1916 (1915 was preprinted and the five written over by the
> six), and burial date given as Jan 4, 1915.  However, I completely missed
> the MD stating when he died.  He stated he died on the 1 day of Jan 1916 at
> 8 a.m.  I read right over the date.
> So, it is now obvious that the 1915 date is in error.  Any checks that
> undertaker wrote would be dated a year too early <grin>.
> So, I am sorry for bringing this up when the answer was right in front of
> me.  I will still look for an obit since that may have family information,
> but checking and seeing whether the year was 1915 or 1916 is not necessary.
> Very red faced, and signing off.
> Yours aye,
> Bob McLaren

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