[APG Public List] Question on London, England, census, birth place discrepancies. Ignore previous.

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Just to redeem myself after trying to substitute millers and butchers for 
shoemakers,  James Loe baptized his children in 1849, and the entries for 
them (including William born 14 Feb 1840, baptized 1849) show wife Elizabeth 
as 'deceased'.  Residence is consistent with census and other entries 
(Gloucester Row).

And there's an 1849 marriage (church register entry) for James Loe, widower, 
Gloucester Row,  to Ann Cooling

now, about my source citations which are still waiting (let them wait, I 

if copies are needed of any of the above, contact me off list.


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> Marriage record for William Loe, bachelor, shoemaker, res Bethnal Green, 
> and Frances Dunnell, spinster, Bethnal Green, shows William's father as 
> James Loe, deceased.   Date of marriage 9 Aug 1871.  [consistent with 
> census entries regarding his father].
> His brother Alfred's marriage entry (28 Jan 1866) lists father James Loe, 
> shoemaker (so James may have died between 1866 and 1871, narrowing down 
> range a bit)
> I think I would add William's birth certificate, to put a wrap on this. 
> Would also suggest the necessity of obtaining his parent's marriage 
> certificate, and father's death certificate (some likely 'hits' on freebmd 
> death index).  That would solidify thngs
> Now I should get back to writing source citations for a long report (I 
> should have done them fully 'as I went' but I hate writing source 
> citations and had just made rough notes).  Anyone want some London look 
> ups?
> Larry

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